The Nameless Saga: Series 2 FINAL Part 2 (Episode 11)

…..It got closer, he was undecided as to whether he should go up the stairs now if there was something following closely behind he risked getting attacked at a critical moment…..

Looking up the stairs once more, there was nothing there, he decided to move on, but only made it one step before a growl and a flash of movement tore at him.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 FINAL Part 1 (Episode 10)

The smell of failure was in the air. It was a mix of expired industry, dirt, vermin and sweat. Not to mention the indescribable stench of the creatures. There were at least six of them surrounding him as far as Will could ascertain.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 9

Hot steamy breath hit the window, the light from the moon and street lights barely filtered in through the cloudy glass. Inside the old building was a blanket of darkness, there was only one light in a solitary room on the far eastern side, but with the door closed only a small crack allowed a line to escape.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 8

Derrick sat as his desk and sipped from a glass of wine. It was a dark ruby red, a Shiraz Cabernet from his homeland of Serbia. It was perhaps a touch away from perfection given the difficulty in reliable storage for his personal stock, but it was still pleasant to the pallet. ..this was a drink of comfort, of solace, rather than one in pursuit of relaxation.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 7

The rain fell as the large creature stomped through the mud towards Will. The shapeshifter began to circle behind him, the larger came straight on. They were trying a tried and true method, encircle the enemy attack from front and behind. Will however had played this game before and continued to charge his body with more energy.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 6

The awe inspiring and domineering city of Riga, the Latvian capital began to recede as the silver van rumbled and bumped over the cobblestones. These gave way to flat bitumen road Chen felt a slight relief as the ride became smoother. He didn’t get much of a look at the stunning city, the second largest old town of Europe, large medieval walls and buildings, a river in the middle of the city split it in two and a pleasant park in need of some maintenance,

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 5

The slight smell of diesel, sweat and metal filled the air, it was a little stuffy as no breeze could find its way into the truck that Will and Katalina had hidden themselves away in. They both wore dark clothes to help remain hidden, shirt and pants, black jacket over the top. Will wore his light armour underneath, it allowed him to move with little hindrance but would help in fight.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 4

The shadows crept up the wall of the old and weary building. Chipped concrete pierced by razor sharp claws sprinkled down to the ground as the second floor window’s minimal light did nothing to dissuade the creatures from moving ever onwards.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 3

Jovan strode through the dull lighting of the forgotten streets of Vilnius’s seamier areas. He had been in the city several times before but something he never quite got used to was the timid nature of the people. Being from Serbia he was used to oppression, a lack of confidence in the regime that ruled over him, a certain despair that was ever present like the dull grey clouds that swept over Belgrade every Autumn.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 2

The late afternoon sun began to disappear as its light dispersed across the city of Vilnius. A cool breeze moved through the streets as dozens of pedestrians walked from workplace to bar, bar to home or home to work place. A few cars rumbled by, it was a seemingly innocuous scene, but Will’s well trained eyes told him that there was much more at play.

The Nameless Saga: Series 2 Episode 1

The midday sun shone off the car window and pierced the binocular lens forcing Will to pull them away from his eyes. There was a sharp pain, not from the light but from the shock of what he’d just seen, or rather who he had just seen….