The Great Change Series 1 Episode 6 (FINAL)

The ice cold winds blasted Lalang as she ran. She tried to hold back her sobs, that poor boy and his family, a moments decision to help her, and now they were suffering. She was out of the town, had escaped the net of the three men as they’d tried to catch her. Only she…

The Great Change- Series 1 Episode 5

The dead Ngara lay there in the snow. ┬áIt looked peaceful in death Lalang thought. The mountain bears rarely looked so, but here was one Lalang could reach out and touch in deep contrast to the two hunters who were now fleeing, nearly out of sight. Father? Yes? Why did they kill a mother? I’m…

The Great Change Series 1 Episode 4

The roar of the monstrous creature combined with the soaring winds deafened Lalang. It was a moment before she realised there was a third sound, the skip! The craft flew overhead, it hovered over the chasm below and swung around bringing its weapons to bare on their target. This was not precise hunting, this was…

The Great Change- Series 1 Episode 3

‘We are now in the creature’s territory, what happens is up to it more than us,’ she said solemnly.

March hoisted his rifle, grabbed a rope and metal fang, ‘not if I can help it,’ he muttered as he hammered the fang into the mountain side, the rope now allowed the group to move easily down to the cave entrance,….

The Great Change- Series 1 Episode 2

Those who live through a change and survive are amazingly adaptable, they do their best to teach their youngers, like me,’ he chuckled touching his gray head of hair, ‘that you must be prepared, don’t be static like a mountain, or solid like ice, be like the water that flows below the ice, or that runs down from the mountains when the ice melts, if you don’t adapt, you stagnate, you die.

The Great Change- Series 1 Episode 1

The vast expanse of snow covered plains ran off into the distance, the early light reflected against the girl’s goggles. Lalang brushed her hair back as a gentle but cool breeze hit her face. At the far end of the plains of snow sat the border of her homeland, a mountain, bigger even than the behemoth she had scaled up now, but she could not see it, even on a clear day like today.